jueves, 3 de junio de 2010

Water vs Energy _ FeedBack Water Design to generate Electric Energy

Design of Feedback Water to generate electric energy

"Without Water we 'd have practically no energy, let go to recycle water to generate energy"

On this design we can see :

1) The Water Tank ( Recycle water Liquid State)

2) The Water Tank Cover ( Collect the water Vapor heated by the Sun Mirror_ Water Gas State)

3) Water Electric Generator ( It is rotated when the water pass from gas State to Liquid State)

4) Water Condenser ( at The Top concentrate the vapor water to be converted a Liquid State)

5) Vapor FeedBack ( they are 4 and conduct the water vapor to the Water Condenser )

6) Sun Mirrors ( They are 4 and re-direct the Sunlight to the Water Tank )

Note: The electrodes to facilite the Ignition ( similar to the thunderstorm and Lightning)

Need more info write an email to the Research Jorge Garza-Ulloa jgarzaulloa@miners.utep.edu

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